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Junior Golf Program

2017 Schedule and Rules

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The AAGOC Junior Program offers a friendly, easy-learning environment for 5 to 17 year olds that includes lessons and supervised play.

Junior golfers participate in 2, 5, 9 or 18-hole groups according to ability. The Tuesday morning sessions begin with a 30 minute lesson, followed by course play.  An end-of-season tournament wraps up the summer fun.

The AAGOC Junior Program partners with Georgetown Country Club (CTCC) Junior Program, alternating play at the two courses. Children and grandchildren of AAGOC & CTCC members are welcome to join.


  1. Juniors must have their own equipment with a sufficient supply of golf balls & tees. 
(no exceptions)
  2. Juniors will carry their own bag during the round.
  3. Parents or Grandparents must be available to walk with the juniors a minimum of two times per child.
  4. Juniors will adhere to the same dress code as an adult member. No denim jeans, cut offs, or gym shorts. No halter tops, tank tops, or tee shirts. Boys must have a collar shirt. Any junior dressed inappropriately will not be allowed on the course. (Strictly enforced)

Junior Golfer's Responsibility

  1. Take good care of the course. ALWAYS repair ball marks, replace divots and rake bunkers.
  2. Be ready when it is your turn to hit.
  3. Do not walk ahead of other players hitting the ball.
  4. Do not toss or throw clubs, or say abusive words. Juniors will be out of the program if they are caught.
  5. Do not play if you hear thunder or see lightening. Seek shelter immediately.

Schedule, Lessons & Tee Times

Play on Tuesday mornings:

  • June 27 (AAGO)
  • July 11 (GTCC)
  • July 18 (AAGOC)
  • July 25 (GTCC)
  • August 1 (AAGOC)
  • August 15 (GTCC) for the Junior Golf Club Championship


  • All groups begin with a 30 minute lesson.
    • 18- and 9-holers start at 7:30 am
    • 5-holers start at 8 am
    • 2-holers start at 8:30 am

Remember all Players must have their own clubs, and must carry their own bags. No exceptions shall be made. Each parent or grandparent must be
 a walker at least 2 times per child, but will not walk in the same group as their child.