Membership Types

AAGOC Offers Several Membership Options


Regular Membership includes all club social and playing privileges as well as voting privileges. Regular Members pay an initiation fee, annual dues, fees and special assessments.

  • Family (including spouses, domestic partners, unmarried children under 25, living at home)
  • Single Persons

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP – 25-35 Years of Age
Junior Membership includes the rights and privileges of Regular Membership with the exception of voting privileges. A Junior Member pays a portion of the initiation fee, annual dues, fees, and assessments. At age 36, a Junior Member automatically becomes a Regular Member. The initiation fee paid upon becoming a Junior Member is credited against the initiation fee then in effect for a Regular Member.


The Social 2 Membership enjoys social privileges of the club.

  • Golf may be played only under guest rules and fees.
  • A New Social Member may not participate in, or vote at, any meeting of the members.

A Social 2 Member pays a one-time initiation fee, annual dues, fees, and assessments. Any assessment relating solely to the golf facilities will not be assessed to Social 2 Members.



AAGOC partners with Georgetown Country Club (GTCC) to offer pool access to our membership. GTCC has a heated swimming pool with 8 lap lanes and 2 diving boards. There are 2 options:

  • Discounted GTCC Membership – Full Pool Use Only
  • GTCC Pool Passes
Information and Inquiries
Please contact Brian Stange, AAGOC General Manager
734-663-4044, x2