AAGOC extends a warm welcome to new members. The club is small (300 members), the course is charming, our traditions are cherished – it all makes for a unique and friendly experience. Drive through the gates – you’ll feel immediately at home.

The club season runs from mid-April to mid-November and the calendar offers a lively mix of social events including Mother’s Day Brunch, Fourth of July, Midsummer Party, Holiday Party, and bridge, mahjong and “winter only” euchre.

For the golfer there’s the rolling, velvety course and an appealing list of activities and leagues. For the tennis player, there are two hard courts, peaceful and pretty.  And for one and all there’s great food and a friendly vibe that fills the clubhouse and spills out to the front porch on a summer night.

And hello, football fans – membership includes free parking for UM football games. Come tailgate on a little piece of heaven.  Free parking for basketball games is another member perk.

We invite you and your family to join us at Ann Arbor Golf and Outing!

  • Access to one of the oldest and most delightful courses in Michigan
  • Exceptional dining – from burgers to fine cuisine
  • Two of the truest, bluest tennis courts in town
  • Free UM football and basketball parking
  • Facility rental discounts for the charming clubhouse and Angell House
  • Large tent location rental discounts on football Saturdays
  • Pro Shop discounts
For more information:
Contact Brian Stange, AAGOC General Manager
734-663-4044, x2

  • Options

      Regular Membership includes all club social and playing privileges as well as voting privileges. Regular Members pay an initiation fee, annual dues, fees and special assessments.

      • Family (including spouses, domestic partners, unmarried children under 25, living at home)
      • Single Persons

      JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP – 25-35 Years of Age
      Junior Membership includes the rights and privileges of Regular Membership with the exception of voting privileges. A Junior Member pays a portion of the initiation fee, annual dues, fees, and assessments. At age 36, a Junior Member automatically becomes a Regular Member. The initiation fee paid upon becoming a Junior Member is credited against the initiation fee then in effect for a Regular Member.


      The New Social Membership enjoys social privileges of the club.

      • Golf may be played only under guest rules and fees.
      • A New Social Member may not participate in, or vote at, any meeting of the members.

      A New Social Member pays a one-time initiation fee, annual dues, fees, and assessments. Any assessment relating solely to the golf facilities will not be assessed to New Social Members. 

  • Pricing

      The initiation fee is paid upon joining the club and provides for the privilege of membership. This fee may be a one-time payment or you may elect a payment plan over three years for regular membership.


      Membership dues are paid annually and are due on January 31. The dues are used to offset the operating expenses of the club.


      All members have an annual minimum use charge for food ($750), due January 31. These minimums will be posted when the board announces it.

      Amt Month
      $75 April
      $100 May
      $100 June
      $100 July
      $100 Aug.
      $100 Sept.
      $100 Oct.
      $75 Nov.

      Dining room charges minus the monthly minimum are invoiced monthly. Minimums do not include tax and gratuities or special club events.


      Additional user fees may be charged based on member preferences. Optional fees include:  bag and cart storage fees, cart rentals, lockers, guest green fees, and tennis guest fees.


      A non-refundable application fee is $100.

      Type Initiation Annual Dues Food Minimum
      Family $6000* $2095 $750
      Single $6000* $1740 $750
      Junior (25-35 yrs) $2000 $1048 $750
      New Social $1000 $630 $750

      *payable in full by October 31 of first year or $2200 for first, second, and third year

  • Application for Membership
      • Application requires sponsorship by two current AAGOC members.
      • Print Membership Application and return it to AAGOC.
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